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Raw feed unedited comments from Members and Guests, a selection compliments of the Friends Society of Destination District Centres

...after all, who can let you know what you're doing well, badly, indifferently better than your Friends and honored Guests.

We strongly think arts and design agglomerates are the wave of the future, a recognized way of naturally clustering people and ideas that generates a buzz, a climate for change. Planned districts are O.K., but they force issues onto artists and designers that have little to do with why they pursue their valuable work.

05/15/08 9:12:11 AM MST

What an interesting set of choices; brava.

02/23/08 5:45:31 PM MST

Nothing raises all the vessels in the waters like an arts and design district.

09/15/07 9:23:24 PM MST

Great poll questions.

08/23/07 5:01:16 PM MST

Where we live, it comes down to a passion for real estate, sex and power. Our districts all serve those with these passions.

06/27/07 3:46:25 PM MST

The people attracted to our district have made their presence known for the betterment of our region. This was a great idea that began with the transformation of a downtown and ended by focusing a lot of people's attnetion on what is important about making bold, important statements.

05/17/07 11:19:46 AM MST

If art is a language and discipline subject to judgment, then our arts district is a culminating distillation of sensations. Bravi to everyone involved.

05/16/07 10:42:40 AM MST

What often builds our community is the sense that we are moving forward in a district filled with real ideas whose fundamentals are rooted in genuine manners, acclaimable ideals and authentic dialogues... What a way to enrich ourselves, our neighbors and our guests.

05/09/07 12:57:42 PM MST

We are linking communities toegther with an arts and design corridor; this puts four communities on the cultural map at once. It's magical.

05/07/07 8:04:46 PM MST

A lot of the organizers of our district know and understand our identity, and we work in concert with one another in such a way that the arts community and progressive developers appear to be helping lead our downtown and the community at large into an informed, enlightened 21st C.

05/06/07 6:47:10 PM MST

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I know our member organization has the data, but the impact of our district on the life of our people is incalculable. Building a community from the inside out is going to be a rewarding experience for years to come.

05/04/07 9:55:34 AM MST

The better our programs become, the more acclaimable artists and crafts persons want to be here. What an upward spiral!

05/02/07 9:25:36 AM MST

Noblesse oblige; we preserve our intellectual heritage and safeguard against the arts, humanities and sciences from being abused.

04/29/07 10:29:06 PM MST

I have worked in three twons with districts - could not be a more stable way to build an arts career.

04/29/07 6:27:46 AM MST

Sprawl has made our downtown comparatively attractive; and the cost to revitalize urban decay is now slightly less than buying new land and building stick construction. We've waited just long enough.

04/28/07 8:15:05 AM MST

Giving back to the community is what it is all about.

04/27/07 6:47:49 AM MST

In a world where districting schemes are driven by a need to serve a marketing goal, it has been so refreshing to work on an arts & entertainment district that is part and parcel of the essence of who we are - a place that loves art, celebrates its historic culture...

04/26/07 10:04:47 AM MST

How is it yesterday a district was out of the question, and now, today, a district is the answer to all our revitalization prayers? Funny tipping point...

04/25/07 5:57:28 PM MST

Organizing and re-building an antiques & design district is exhilerating - but, the real joy is in the programs that build our community. We are so glad we've worked so hard on a project that will span the useful lives of generations.

04/25/07 9:05:58 AM MST

We are overwhelmed with the positive response to our artist and artisan in residence request for proposals; our work-live block of spaces will enliven our downtown and energize our people.

04/23/07 7:36:04 AM MST

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Unity, concentration, communicativeness and a sense of what it is - these are the virtues of intellect, the product of what we know of our arts, design and cultural districts - a big part of what we want others to see of us and our downtowns.

04/22/07 6:49:34 AM MST

Building community sounds like we're Polyannas or subjagating our own needs for the common good; besides there being nothing wrong with those notions, our families are direct beneficiaries...of district-wide re-developments.

04/21/07 9:54:40 AM MST

People attract people; great art attracts the curious, the engaged, the vital folks who help engender the need for the next great work - arts districts make things happen.

04/20/07 8:40:01 AM MST

We were one of the pilot Main Street programs for the nation; now, we're looking to a cultural and design district model to revitalize what remains of our downtown to revitalize. A long way to go, but, this looks like a permanent identity builder for us.

04/19/07 5:09:40 AM MST

What could add meaning while reminding others about the importance of meaning? Only our district provides what church grounds used to provide the general populace. Strange, but true...

04/18/07 2:19:34 PM MST

So few communities have the wherewithal to attract acclaimable artists to their regional centers; we are so fortunate to have people of vision and determination willing our arts district through to completion, working hard to make our destination sites a magnet...

04/17/07 3:40:50 PM MST

The timing has been right since the early eighties in our community; it it about time we learned as much as possible about how to assimilate the language and meaning of developers and arts advocates so we can get going...

04/16/07 9:36:29 AM MST

I thoroughly enjoy working with arts-minded developers and community leaders; I never knew a planned re-development of any district could be so rewarding.

04/13/07 7:51:41 AM MST

Our pride of place programs alert regional planners as to the importance of our districts and programs; we are becoming a magnet.

04/12/07 11:24:30 AM MST

Our planned district is attracting new people and generating an astonishing rate of [positive change.

04/12/07 8:18:02 AM MST

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Top-rated districts attract such a wide variety of talented workers and developers, we wonder how this redevelopment tool has been relegated to the sidelines in so many communities.

04/11/07 9:24:39 AM MST

There is little that settles the senses and shapes the intellect than a well designed, artful urban district; ours is making a difference every day.

04/10/07 9:09:35 AM MST

Local and regional prgrams in small MSAs often need a destination place to heighten cultural tourists's response to many of the serious expressions in these communities; my hat's off to those who have the means and the wherewithall to shine a bright light on these comparatively remote bastions of arts and culture.

04/09/07 11:32:39 AM MST

Hopefully, the zoning laws and ordinances catch up with our redesigned, refurbished spaces downtown.

04/05/07 12:08:42 PM MST

It's true: When we make our downtowns livable and acclaimable, we change... Brava.

04/04/07 1:01:50 PM MST

I am concerned about the proliferation of arts and cultural districts; will many of these expressions represent the power, wealth, and culture of each region, or will they be the flavour of the era, and then be discarded when the novelty wears thin?

04/03/07 4:05:57 PM MST

Practically speaking, we can use the arts, and the arts need to use our resources to keep going.

04/01/07 10:00:41 PM MST

Clearly, arts elements can inspire and help many people achieve things at a high level.

03/31/07 12:43:20 PM MST

Highest and best use is a fine alternative to an acclaimable arts destination; the 'highest and best' uses just seem to gravitate around them, thank goodness.

03/29/07 3:27:51 PM MST

The folks who move into our downtowns like our clear, unambiguous sense of direction; the arts help point the way and punctuate what we hold as important and meaningful.

03/28/07 8:40:08 AM MST

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7 Arts Foundation: We build up arts , design and culture-based districts

Our town really needed to set itself apart; what better way than to show what we consider the highest and best values?

03/27/07 3:18:35 PM MST

City Managers are grateful for all the technical and strategic advice we can get; expertise with loads of hands-on experience and credentials - bring it on...

03/27/07 7:47:22 AM MST

We are so grateful that we decided to make our downtown truly our space, our statement about who we are. It's like giving a gift to ourselves - a rewarding experience that will serve us well for generations to come.

03/24/07 8:54:36 AM MST

Acclaimability builds trust; trust enables reliance; and, reliance opens the possibility of change.

03/23/07 8:49:28 AM MST

Magnets draw people; destinations are magical magnets.

03/20/07 7:08:24 PM MST

Timing issues for capital campagins and revitalization efforts all have benefitted from our choosing to make our arts destinations a top priority.

03/19/07 12:02:49 PM MST

A critically acclaimable approach to urban revitalization provides a meaningful basis for lasting change.

03/19/07 10:38:53 AM MST

Progressives need to lead by example, especially when initiatives throughout our downtowns are seemingly going nowhere without our input.

03/17/07 4:03:28 PM MST

When the level of the water rises, every rises with it; reputations are built one success at a time.

03/16/07 8:57:27 PM MST

City Beautiful Commissioner

03/16/07 3:52:58 PM MST

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Visitors and tourists cherish our arts district as a regional treasure.

03/15/07 4:57:13 PM MST

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