Colossal Concepts Management

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For a Behind-the-Scenes Primer for our contract author-clients, be sure to visit our affiliate at 

Colossal Concepts Management focuses its attention on four things:

  1. Assisting with a confidential outline preparation
  2. Analyzing (sans critique) sample chapters
  3. Branding the author, as a confidential client
  4. Identifying a proper literary agency (when necessary)
  5. CCM works closely behind the scenes with our authors to help them deliver a product to a publicist who turns the literature (we don't peddle 'pulp') into a saleable product; then, CCM can help turn you into a marketable fixture on the lecture, electronic media treadmill and its counterpart, the blogosphere.

CCM helps you make clear the following to prospective publishers:

  • Top sheet content -- the abstract of the outline in heading form: Working title; alternative titles; manuscript length; divisions; completion time; illustrations; and, test market outcomes for each major heading
  • Interior sheet content -- the project description outline tackled in terms of style, length, markets and sales potential, competing volumes, author's qualifications, and who we can help you convince to write a forward or end notes or jacket remarks
  • Sample chapters -- the flow, rhythm and connectivity of your writing made evident
  • Cooperating with an intellectual Property Attorney to assure the Author of fair dealings in the following: Grant of Rights; Competing Works; Author's Warranty; Manuscript Preparations by Publishers; Viability & Publication Delay Issues; Copyright Considerations; Proofing & Editing by Publishers; Publication; Royalties; Advances; Foreign Sales; Deep Discount and Book Club Schemes; Sale of Rights; payments; Reserve Against Returns; Author's Copies; Revised Editions; and Out of Print Issues


Finally, CCM determines 'what's missing' in terms of press kit essentials, electronic media coaching, collaborators, blog materials, adapters, etc.


All CCM management communiques and relationships are strictly confidential.


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