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The 7 Arts Foundation Benefits For Members Dedicated To Learning How to Benefit Society By Focusing On Arts, Design & Culture-Based Community Development Pursuits



Qualified Members receive many thousands of dollars in the latest, useful training products and advisory services for a fraction of what the solutions are worth in the commercial marketplace. Members always receive confidential, tailored instructional services.   A Member profile is posted on a separate foundation site with a link to our Member's website.   Special Peer Reviews of draft forms and documents are available to Founding Members, often without charge to these Members...   All Members receive valuable Individualized Site Reviews + Assessments of features, amenities and other expressions found in your arts, design or cultural district or overlay.   And, the staff keeps each Member posted on the latest trends and development issues of the Member's choosing. Member discounts on all instructional texts, advisory services and training products offered by the foundation and its affiliates (see below). Member Help Desk/Call or Fax the Field Studio: 309.343.7574. When you join or renew, please fill out your Member Profile form, found in the Contact Page; you will enjoy special Member Benefits and Privileges designed to uniquely serve your level of interests, designed to help solve your problems and stimulate ways to grow your district or overlay.


Members can arrange phone appointments at our advisory office: 7AF new all points number: 903.831.9219| M-Th 11-4 CST; Sa. 11-12N CST.  Members with technical assistance training inquiries can leave voice mail messages at our DC office: 7AF new all points number: 903.831.9219| M-Th 11-4 CST; Sa. 11-12N CST. - 24 hour response, MONDAY-THURSDAYMembers can also fax our field operations studio with instructional or training questions: 309.343.7574 ; often, we can reply within 18 hours. Our destination district corp of advisors and consultants reports donating over $261,000 in products, technical assistance, informational assistance and consultations this past season. Congratulations. And, note - the 7 Arts Foundation has never had its annual operating budget exceed $10,000 - a tribute to the dedication of its volunteer executive staff and support staff; 100% of travel and material expenses not covered by Members is absorbed by our dedicated cadre of consultants, advisors, trainers and instructors.


Our Member strategic and market studies outcomes, available to all Members:

  1. Help Members expand their leasing business by advising them how to improve their service levels at existing properties, raising rents in line with market trends, and actively engaging in solution-based sales and sub-leasing initiatives. Help them secure net sales of $1.7MM and achieve consolidated operating income level at $1.29MM. Four-point tactics described in the Executive Advisory Brief 2007A.
  2. Assisting Members grow their mixed-use property sales business. Two-point tactics and summary of major projects being planned in the Executive Advisory Brief 2007B.
  3. Aiding Members to move assertively into the real estate fund business by helping structure a fund as a client-friendly private placement real estate fund. Offering multi-point tactical approach training to help with exit strategies and to enter non-asset-based businesses described in the Executive Advisory Brief 2007C & D.
  4. Helping develop Member projects, including new arts and design and cultural destinations. Multi-point summary description in Executive Advisory Brief 2007D-E.
  5. Assisting Members develop quality residences for comfortable living and visting in sustainable assets located in destination settings that hold value. The overview of operations is described in Executive Advisory Brief 2007E-F.
  6. Aiding Members with a decsion-making model whereby they can choose when and if to acquire additional properties, and how to assess which developments will generate sufficient future revenues and net operating income from leased properties. Further, how to weigh the benefits accrued when generating revenues from condominium and live-work space lofts, a benchmarks advisory. Finally, realizing revenues from contract construction as an outcome from establishing a successful arts destination site. Three-point overview of strategies and tactics described in the Executive Advisory Brief F-G.
  7. Helping Members develop a viable, promotable and leading edge CSR Policy and Promotions initiative. The corporate social responsibility program is explained in Executive Advisory Brief H-J (includes suggested Environmental Preservation Activities & Themes).
  8. Assisting Members with many facets of Corporate Governance, including policy development, implementation of governance measures, the formation of internal organizations, control systems, risk management system aspects, a view to personal, capital, transactional and special interest relationships between all revitalization participants, outside directors and outside auditors, and ways to enhance corporate governance efficiencies and effectiveness. Multi-point prescriptive approach described in Executive Advisory Brief K-N.

All Members are entitled to facsimilie copies of these important annotated strategic papers at cost, courtesy of our underwriter, Thos. Illustration Studios.

GOING BEYOND REVITILIZING AMERICA's DOWNTOWN DESTINATIONS... Our Instructors, Advisors and Trainers give to many causes because it is never enough to know the right questions, pursue the best answers, supply the solutions and partner with great community leaders--- For a more complete list of recent charitable work in Member cities and towns, go to the Benefits Page:

  • Collected hundreds of works of fine and applied art from emerging artists from Middle Atlantic, Midwest, Southwest, British & French artists
  • Assisted, pro bono, with projects to  reclaim 'wastelands' for redevelopment  in a Middle Atlantic and a Southwest city
  • Conducted numerous published studies on behalf of publicly run urban design centers 'at cost'
  • Donated scholarships for arts academies in the South West
  • Commissioned works in all the 7 arts for festivals, art fairs, interdisciplinary arts centers
  • Donated student subsidy assistance for underprivileged school-age children
  • Provided underwriting support for the work of member musicians who have donated time, money and talent to special events that raise money to help the homeless and the disenfranchised in client-operated downtowns
  • Partnered with client-city schools to provide renewed arts focus in district programs wherein cutbacks have reduced arts training in curricula
  • Loaned executive for parish nursing instruction in administration and management
  • Donated and loaned to the re-structuring of a Texas homeless shelter in a client downtown
  • Planned and founded one of the first interdisciplinary arts centers in the Middle Atlantic region
  • Donated executives and staff to help found a Shakespearian theatre company in the Midwest
  • Partnered with churches in client cities to write and publish a liturgical arts guide
  • Gave the underwriting support and physically participated in thousands of hours of cat rescue, cat feeding, neuter and spay programs and cat re-location projects affecting homeless felines in client downtowns
  • Donated many hundreds of hours of time each year to the stabilization or creation of arts councils, orchestrra boards of directors, music socieites
  • Partnered with three Main Street USA programs
  • Donated funds and loaned executive talent to civic arts organizations in every client-operated downtown
  • Provided underwriting and sponsorship of web sites for City Beautiful initiatives in Mid-West and Southern client cities
  • Donated tens of thousnds of dollars in artwork to nonprofit institutes, libraries, churches, civic buildings in client cities
  • Participated in downtown clean-up initiatives in every client-sponsored downtown since 1979
  • Donated hundreds of hours to Habitat for Humanity projects in five client-run cities
  • Provided underwriting and participated in "Green Team' environmental initiatives in Midest client cities
  • Agreed to help underwrite college and university training for our interns and for other promising talents in the fields of dance, music and theeatre arts
  • Sponsored, underwrote  and participated in competitions and juried events for school-age children in all the 7 arts in all client cities
  • Volunteered thousands of hours of executive and intern time to downtown beautification charrettes, planning sessions, review sessions
  • Hosted and sponsored arts forums and arts in education forums in Middle Atlantic states
  • Volunteered dozens of times to speak at college, university, conservatory and institute career days


FRIENDS, JOIN US, TODAY, SUPPORTING THE WORK OF THE FOUNDATION, BY HONORING THE DEDICATION & ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF YOUR LEADERS WITH A PLACE ON THE NATIONAL HALL OF FAME PAGE & PLACQUE.   Please go to the Friends page, now.  This page underwritten by Thos. Illustration Studios. "After all, we are what we believe when we give, and nothing more." Dr. Marshall Thomas '00 Address



Grant Writing Advisory Service... Initial 2 hours free to members in good standing.

Capital Referral Advisory Service... A market competitive advisory service for developers seeking real estate investment and loan services from qualified financers and financial intermediaries.


Mission, Ethics & Policy Review Advisory Service... A uniquely workable and practical way to administer, manage and govern arts corridors in all manner of downtown and destination environments.


CSR Advisory Service... Advising governments and District Commissions in ways to work with developers and re-developers so downtown districts can promote tangible and ineffable harmonies between people, living and working spaces and the environment.

MEMBERSHIP: Please see our four Member categories, below: Collaborator | Partner | Founder | Arts Council. There is never an application fee for yearly Membership.

Studio Space, 7 Arts Foundation

See our New Member Fee Structure on the Cost Comparisons Page


Upon acceptance of its Membership Application by the 7 Arts Foundation, a Member organization subscribes to and agrees to comply with the Terms of Membership as outlined in the following paragraphs:

  1. With no exceptions, products, training and advisory services received from the 7 Arts Foundation must be used by the Member solely for the care of the constituency of an arts council or commission, or an antiques, arts, cultural, design, education, entertainment, gateway, historical, museum, open studios, performing arts, photo, recreation, sciences, technology, theatre, and/or warehouse district, superblock or overlay.
  2. Members agree to maintain adequate books and records reflecting instructional products, services, and training received from the 7 Arts Foundation, and, if requested, to provide the operating foundation andor the Internal Revenue Service with substantiation of its uses and distribution of such benefits.
  3. A Member Organization must advise the 7 Arts Foundation promptly of any change in its status for federal tax purposes.
  4. Members who visit a 7 Arts Foundation facility for any reason msut undertake to do the following: A. Conduct their affairs in a businesslike and/or academic manner at all times; B. Follow the instructions and directions of 7 Arts Foundation employees, interns and vounteer hosts; and, C. Comply with all posted sign content.
  5. Members must cooperate with 7 Arts Foundation officers, the Internnal Revenue Service and local and state law enforcement authorities as necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to their 7 Arts Foundation Membership and benefits received from the operating foundation.
  6. Members must pay Membership dues, fees and other charges promptly.
  7. The operating foundation reserves the right to terminate the Membership of any Member, whether for violating these Terms of Membership or otherwise, upon refund of the Member's current membership fee (less any outstanding balance owing). Members agree these Terms of Memberhsip may be enfoced by legal action, including but not limited to injunctive or other equitable relief, and that the 7 Arts Foundation's reasonable costs of such enforcement will be reimbursed by a Member that is held to be in violation of the Terms of Membership.
  8. Affiliated chapters of Member organizations are not included under this single membership. Affiliates must formally apply to obtain to their own Membership status. Affiliate Memberships are permitted; they must carry their own separate individual Memberships by applying and then paying dues of $750.
  9. Member organizations must designate an Official Contact Person with whom the 7 Arts Foundation shares official correspondence about Membership and benefits matters. This Official Contact is the person responsible for making and/or approving any revisions in this specific Membership enrollment program with the 7 Arts Foundation.


Every calendar quarter, the foundation conducts a drawing from its new Members and registered Guests as a way of saying 'Thank you' for joining us via our web portal. Sign our Guest book or join as a new Member and you are automatically entered into our monthly drawing for artwork, monographs and more... Monthly winners (a minimum of 3/quarter) will be notified solely via e-mail. A list of all winners is available by writing to us for that information when you sign in as a Guest or Member.


If you are ever not satisfactorily served by a requested 7 Arts Foundation training program or advisory project, for any reason, you will receive a full and prompt refund on all remaining days of your Membership or the term of your service covenant, no questions asked.

We shape our cities; thereafter, our cities help shape us.


The purpose of 7 Arts Foundation content and message boards is to both provide data and information and to facilitate general dialogue about arts and cultural corridor-related topics. No legal advice is being given and no attorney-client relationship is being invented.


This web site contains links to other web sites not under the control of the 7 Arts Foundation or its agencies, and we are not responsible for the contents of any linked site. ARTS ANSWERS provides these links merely as a courtesy. The data contained in this web site is for informational purposes only and is not represented to be error free.

This page is underwritten for the Membership by Members, please visit them and recieve an outstanding discount of 40% on any collectible print from the catalogue; offer extends through 31 August, 2008. Thanks for visiting our sponsors. The 7 Arts Foundation staff and advisory board.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without written authorization from the 7 Arts Foundation. PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE.


We do for a mission what we would otherwise do for the sake of creativity were it not that we must make a living.

Modify The Text 3

7AF has helped hundreds of emerging and established artists and designers since 1979

Artwork credit,

Italian River. Photo creidt,

Guest Artwork

NEW MEMBERSHIP STRUCTURE:    Four Member Categories  With special thanks to our volunteer consultants and advisors---

  • Collaborator Membership: $250.00 per Month, or $/3000.00/Season to the Assn.; with optional General Member On-Site Consultations: $250/day (all-inclusive): Note - this is a new, lowered consultative/advisor rate, thanks to new subsidy allocations from our Member advisors and consultants. 
  • Partner Membership: Off-site Advisory Retainer Program $500.00/month or $6,000.00/Season to the Assn.    
  • Founding Membership: $750.00/month or $9,000.00/Season. All Founding Members receive consultative and advisory services from the Executive Director Emeritus and his assigns. and, they always receive advance copies of every white paper, every report, every abstracted brief generated by the association's consultants and advisors.          
  • Arts Council, or Overlay Member: $4,800 per month (up to 50% subsidized for any qualified Members) plus normal and start-up [if any] operating expenses (many subsidized); this is always an on-site management and training program and is always subject to acceptance by a trainer, instructor, consultant or advisor to the arts council program
  • Annual Meeting: All Collaborator, Partner & Founding Members receive program announcements and tiered discounted fees to attend the Annual Meeting (held every winter). Founding Members attend free of charge. The meeting draws professionals together to share current thoughts on both theoretical and applied issues. Recognition is made for exceptional contributions to arts, design and cultural corridors in the following categories: Planning; Developing; Managing; Auditing; Advances in the fields of Aesthetic Determinism and Arts & Cultural Corridor Governance. 

Contact our Benefits Representative for your Confidential Members Profile by e-mail, .

New Guest Access Membership: $300.00 per Month. Application Fee: $30.00 must accompany application. Single service line available in any given calendar month.

Constant change can prove a tyrrany or a friend to nonprofit leaders; prepare for leadership succession and welcome blizzards of change... --- Excerpt, MISSION MANIFESTO, co-published with the 7 Arts Foundation, copyright 1995, by Marshall A. Thomas III

NOTE: Guest organizations, studios, businesses and government agencies and departments that need a one-time training service or instructional product can take advantage of our guest service to help them learn how to arrive at or assess many valued downtown destination solutions without making a long-term commitment.

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