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North American, European, Corporate, Government, Foundation... Friends of the 7 Arts Foundation

Please fax to 309.343.7574 or attach this form to . You will receive a statement within seven business days. Thank you for being a Friend to the Destination Districts Centre. Call Us: 7AF new all points number: 903.831.9219| M-Th 11-4 CST; Sa. 11-12N CST.


Title: _________________

First Name: ___________________

Middle Name or Initial: ___________________

Surname: ___________________

Address: _________________________________________


County/Region/State: ___________________

Post/Zip Code _____________

Telephone: _______________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________

URL: _______________________________________________


Annual Subscription                   Single     Double

North American Friend              $40.00   $70.00

European Friend                          $60.00   $105.00

Rest of World Friend                  $65.00   $110.00

Corporate Membership               $350.00

Government Patron                    $400.00

Foundation Patron                       In Excess of $400.00

[Please note: All subscription rates are shown in USD]

  • If paying via WorldPay, you can also pay in AUD, EUR & GBP

Arts Answers

‘Arts Answers“, the official newsletter of the Friends of Destination Districts, is published once every quarter and every edition is available in both hard copy form and in a downloadable format. This exacting publication is compiled and edited by Friends Membership Secretary, TBN, to whom any interesting news, views, comments and questions should be submitted -

2007 Arts Answers BETA | BETA | BETA

LION FISH, alt. | Thos. Illustration Studio rendering | Modern Masterworks Gallery


A Select list of governments, corporations, foundations, institutions, universities, studios... more. Updated Weekly.


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