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ADI | Redevelopment Services

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ADI | 50% of Our Work Focuses on Helping Your Community Redevelop Its Downtown In Sustainable Ways Through Art & Design Themed Projects

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Q & A

What products and services does ADI offer?

ADI has been organized to help regional arts and design NGOs and nonprofits redevelop tired village, town or hamlet blocks and squares into functional, engaging arts and design destinations. The old, tired redevelopment strategy made everyone focus on building apartments, condominiums or saloons in order to draw people so businesses and services would follow into their downtowns - but that strategy now seems backwards to us in a country clearly driven by an entertainment and culture economy: So, instead, we give people an inviting reason to come, visit or settle in a proven destination downtown setting so they have an acclaimed, stimulating place in which to work, live and play.  We bring the expertise, we help groups attract capital, and, where needed, we find additional technical assistance and marketing expertise to see that each intimate destination can fulfill its promise.

What is the value proposition?

Villages, hamlets and towns with nearly no hope of otherwise attracting tourists and new residents can buy into our innovative, scalable redevelopment system. They can invest their current and future tax revenues to develop attractive, unique and affordable arts and design districts. In doing so, they help a name developer of their choosing and an arts and design team that works through local artists and designers to renovate and add value to existing places. Phase by phase, they particpate in redeveloping their crumbling center into a magnet that day-trippers, cultural tourists and retirees will treasure. They also can help develop new spaces that enhance acclaimed destinations. The village, hamlet and town tax rolls increase because tourists, visitors and businesses support the lively project. And, as the project becomes synonymous with the identity of the place, it becomes the identifiable heart-and-soul of the region.

Can it add jobs, make money, be sustainable?

It can add construction jobs, hospitality jobs, tourism jobs, and cultural affairs jobs. It can make money for the redevelopmnet commission and private investment partners. It can be sustainable because we help your local artists and designers, architects and other redevelopment leaders pick projects that fit the character of your place, that demonstrate a growing need expressed by regional tourism officials, that generate demand by the fastest growing segments of tourism in America, and whose buildings can qualify for Historic Investment Tax Credits. The return on the public and private partnership funds can be secured by the stakeholders that back the project. Typically, margins for a boutique hotel and conference center can be reasonably projected to average 19-20% over the 7-year investment period and 15-16% for MxD projects focusing on retail shopping and special events combined with a boutique office complex.

Are there ways to fight off competing projects in nearby communities?

Yes. Best of all, no other redevelopment specialist can successfully imitate our acclaimed pool of intellectual properties. ADI stays in the lead in every region where we plan to operate; ADI will operate a closed shop by always being first and best in carefully chosen territories. Imitators will have to spend exponentially more dollars more time and jump through more hoops only to be considered 'also rans' or 'copycats' -- and in the end, expend a lot of effort to chase fewer returns. Plus, ADI's contracts with outstanding artists and designers have non-compete and other exclusionary clauses that prohibit their work from appearing within 100 miles of our destination partnering sites.

ADI is the future of micro-developments in America.

NOTA BENE: This is not a solicitation of equity or debt securities.

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