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Arts Directories & Treasuries: a key to unlocking the secrets of a successful destination district

Whether an arts or design-based district or cluster, superblock or corridor, all these destination sites serve a dual role in many communities. Each can present a destination focused on economic growth, tourism or expressing strong artful identity. Many complement their host place with a cherished, valued site with a treasury, otherwise known as an Arts Directory.

Artists and artisans, designers and craftspersons feature their talents, availabilities and the ways to reach their studios or their representatives. This rich tapestry of offerings guides professionals and both arts and design devotees alike whenever they seek regional or local talent. A Directory or Treasury is often designed to help visitors anticipate their visits to studios, workshops, galleries, performances and teaching spaces. In short, this elegant tool provides a billboard for visitors and prospects all while offering a meaningful glimpse into the arts, design and cultural life of the host community.

Today, less than three in five communities with destination districts offer Treasury or Arts Directory compilations. All but one of our Member Destination Districts have compiled useful guides, the content of which often includes listings for the following:

  • Alternative Exhibition/Meeting Spaces 
  • Architects
  • Architectural Warehouse
  • Blacksmithing
  • Cafes, Tea Shoppes
  • Carriage Rides
  • Dance & Dance Instruction
  • Destination District Offices/Studios
  • Directors & Producers
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Exposition Spaces
  • Fabric Arts
  • Ethnic Art & Flower Arrangements
  • Glassworks
  • Graphic Design
  • Healing Arts
  • Illuminated Artists: Still Photography; Videography & Film
  • Illustration
  • Landscape Design
  • Literary Artists & Writing Classes/Workshops
  • Musicians & Music Instruction
  • Paperworks
  • Photocopying/Printing Services
  • Pottery
  • Production Companies
  • Real Estate/Rental Offices
  • Sculpture
  • Special Events Coordination Services
  • Thespians & Theatrecraft
  • Tinsmithing
  • Woodworking & Cabinetry

The majority of new inquiries from destination district advocates, developers and participants revolve around ways to celebrate their brand of arts, design or culture-based district. In nearly all instances, our advisors help these inquirers explore how best to plan and develop a Treasury or Arts Directory - the best measure of current talent, skill and effort in any region.


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7 Arts Foundation District Assessment Checklist

Project Site: ___________________

  • Address: ___________________
  • Contact 1: ___________________
  • Contact 2: ___________________
  • Contact 3: ___________________
  • Overview Worksheet/ Initials: _____; Date:___________


  • Letter of Intent (pre-due diligence) []
  • Formal Agreement, dated as of _______ []
  • Inspection & Review Period: Critical Elements [] Site Inspections [] Metes & Bounds descriptions covering entire property [] Out-parcels (if any) [] Inspectors debriefed []
  • Environmental Inspections/Reports/Phase 1 & 2 [] []
  • Easements []
  • Encroachments []
  • Code Violations []
  • Zoning Use(s) [] [] []
  • Allowed Use/Building Code Report []
  • Site Plan to Planning Commission/ PC reply [] []
  • Seller Statements (if any) []
  • Qualified Building & Land Inspectors [] []
  • Audit of all leases in force over the last 3 seasons [] [] []
  • Investory List Obtained/Confirmed [] []
  • Contract(s) to Attorneys [] []
  • Recent, Certified Property Survey []
  • Title Validity []
  • Liens/debt picture verified []
  • Deed Restrictions []
  • Due Diligence Timetable, with Formal Contract in 45 Days -  80 Days []  Extension(s) [] []
  • Problem Resolution (if any):  Double-checked extent of problem(s) [] Dollar Amount to Fix Ascertained Problem(s):___________ [] Previous Owner Accounts Pertaining to Problem(s) : ___________ [] Seller-Buyer Review (pre-negotiation, if any) [] Soft Renegotiation (if any) [] Abandonment, if all else fails []
  • Cash-flow, or Extraordinary Fund Statements from Prospective Tenants []
  • Cash-flow, or Extraordinary Fund Statements from Co-Owners []
  • Cash-flow, or Extraordinary Fund Statements from Co-Developers []

Refer to the 7AF Qualifications Worksheets. Your contact is--- Interim Director:

7AF:  Downtown District Solutions Arts Marketplace Solutions Antiques Design Downtown Entertainment District Historical Open Studios Sciences Art Deco Education Recreation Technology Theatre Warehouse Arts Gateway Arts Overlay Arts Superblock Cultural Historic Arts Museum Giftblox Design Performing Arts Photo Theater Arts District Downtown Solutions

Checklist Recommendations from our District Capital Advisory Service

Go to the District Capital page for the following Real Estate Investment Advisory Services, listed by Alpha---

  • Assisted Living in an MxD District Project 
  • Condominium Conversion in an MxD District Project 
  • Permanent Commercial in an MxD District Project
  • Preliminary Checklist - Condominium Lending Programs in an MxD District Project
  • Small Balance Loans for MxD District Projects
  • Bridge Loan Program for MxD District Projects         


Typical Authorization to Release Information

  • I/We hereby authorize the release to associates and correspondents and/or assigns of the <intermediary> any and all information and data the intermediary and/or assigns may require at any time for any purpose related to our credit application/loan application with the intermediaries' associates/correspondents/assigns.
  • I/We hereby authorize the <intermediary> to release any and all information and/or data (including, but not limited to personal and/or business financial statements, personal and.or business income tax returns, payment and/or credit history) to any entity the <intermediary> deems necessary for any purpose referred to our credit application/loan transactions with <intermediary> associates/correspondents/assigns.
  • I/We hereby acknowledge that all loan approvals will be in published in writing and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the loan authorization materials written by associates/correspondents/assigns.
  • _______________________________________________
  • Authorized Signature/Title                              Date
  • _______________________________________________
  • Authorized Signature/Title                              Date


  • Real Estate Purchase / $
  • Deconstruction - Demolition / $
  • New Construction / $
  • Machinery & Equipment / $
  • Leasehold Improvements / $
  • Business Purchase / $
  • FF&E /$
  • Debt Refinance / $
  • Payment of Accounts Payable / $
  • Inventory Purchase / $
  • Working Capital / $
  • Professional Fees / $
  • Percent for Art / $
  • Environmentals / $
  • Other Expense: _________________ / $
  • Other Expense: _________________ / $
  • Other Expense: _________________ / $
  • Other Expense: _________________ / $
  • Other Expense: _________________ / $
  • TOTAL / $

Note: All cost estimates must be eventually verified through third-party bids, contracts, invoices or cancelled checks, submitted prior to our associate's or correspondent's final approval. Applicant's estimates may be used solely for pre-approval purposes.


As of Date: ______________________, 2008
  • Existing Debt Obligations: List separately all obligations of the company or nonprofit evidenced by a Note, Capital Lease or Line of Credit. This sections requires more detail than is found on many CPA-prepared financial statement. This section represents a critical part of the data and information that is analyzed in the pre-approval phase:

Name of  Creditor

Original Balance

Current Balance

Interest Rate

Monthly Payment

Maturity Date


The Typical Resume Forms of the Executive Committee and/or Managers and/or Executive Officers of a Nonprofit or Business

As of Date: ______________________, 2008

  • Name (first/middle/last/title(s)
  • Date of Birth/Place of Birth
  • U.S. Citizen: Y / N
  • Home Address
  • Immediate Past Address
  • Phone/land line
  • Phone/cell
  • Phone/Fax
  • E-mail address
  • Have you ever been involved in bankruptcy proceedings?
  • Do you have any pending lawsuits?
  • Employed by the U.S. Government?
  • If so, which agency/ department?
  • Spouse's Name (first/middle/last/title(s)
  • Spouse's Date of Birth/Place of Birth
  • Are you presently under indictment, on parole or on probation?
  • Have you ever been charged with or convicted for any criminal offense other than a minor vehicle violation?
  • Have you ever been convicted, placed on pre-trial diversion, or placed on any form of probation, including adjudication pending probation, for any criminal offense other than a minor vehicle violation?

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