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Financial Training Services & Management Advisory Services for Arts, Design & Culturally Valued Districts

FINANCIAL TRAINING & ADVISORY SERVICES - This ADI AFFILIATE is a leading advisory and training firm with a unique focus on arts, design and cultural destination districts. The array of flexible and inventive advisory services offers strategic insight, value-added-support and leverage assistance to destination district participants, large and small, including the following: 

  1. Helping develop action plans to execute against the strategic vision... 
  2. Helping advise on capital services support and implementing creative financial structures... 
  3. Helping apply structuring and capital markets expertise...
  4. Advising on site re-development financial benchmark services... 
  5. Advising about referrals to certified Mortgage Brokers and Banking Correspondents sympathetic to the unique challenges faced by arts, design and cultural redevelopment proponents, including programs tailored for new, emerging and premier positioned destination districts in many configurations...
  6. Consulting on a full spectrum of financial advisory services.  The ADI DIVISION works closely with destination district organizations, stakeholders and their council to optimize clear, tangible value realization and to address the most complex social integration issues; our value-added financial advisory services include the following: Destination Recovery; Interim Management; Valuation Services; and, Supplementary Services.   Arts Districts International, since 1988

MANAGEMENT ADVISORY SERVICES - Provided by our COLOSSAL CONCEPTS AFFILIATE for Members in good standing. This special program is personally led by our Executive Director Emeritus. The focus is on helping Members to align interests -- economic, artistic and social. Our ability to train district leaders to align these interests has been a core ingredient of our success since the 1980s. From the inception of our Management Advisory Services Program, the executive committee Members have invested thousands of hours in combined efforts to train and advise emerging and established projects. We train and advise Member's exceptional studios, corporations and management teams which share a vision for maximizing value invention in self-supporting destination districts. Accordingly, we work closely with each district team to train them to construct performance targets and incentive programs that align with a district's strategic roadmap and to support the ultimate objective of rewarding communities with a downtown engine for acclaimable, lasting change.

PREFERRED LONG-TERM MEMBER COMMITMENTS - The unique heritage of our operating foundation supports a culture that embraces our Member Destination Districts as long-term commitments. For over 25 years, Dr. Thomas and the ADI AFFILIATE team have developed a reputation as value-added, high-integrity participants. We understand the challenges often faced by studios, corporations, management teams and entrepreneurs as we work with us to train them to invent destination district sites, buildings and institutions. We are particulalry adept at advising how to establish efficient tax structures and artwork transfer and branding strategies to help district participants meet both financial and non-financial objectives. As a result of our long history of working with destination district participants, we are particularly knowledgeable and sensitive to the tax, accounting and operational nneeds of destination district properties and entities.

Our arts, design and cultural district leadership roles


The Financial Services Group offers the means toward gaining a close understanding of the balance sheet, cash flow statement and credit challenges faced by destination districts. Our advisory and consultative services are complemented with training protocols that include instruction in strategic planning and districtwide business and financial management programs. We are responsible to our qualified Members to help with the many levels of training leaders and support staff in the ways of marketing, sourcing, analyzing, structuring and closing of district revitalization real estate financing transactions. Our Financial Services Advisory Group can offer training to help developers invent successful funding programs that include bridge, mezzanine, equity and structured finance instruments.

The Financial Services Advisory Group can train a development group in the ways of working with a financial intermediary for its clients and sourcing firms, which may include a real estate investment service working with investor groups largely ignored by Wall Street firms and institutional advisors, and also with traditional sources, i.e. correspondents working with leading entrepreneurs, endowments, foundations, Wall Street corporations, pension funds and global financial institutions.



Tier One: Liquidity - Quantitative Factors - Qualitative Factors - Changing Events

Tier-Two: Productive Destination Segment - Themes

Tier Three: Company or Project Fundamentals

Tier Four: Buy/Loan Criteria - Sell/Re-Assign Disciplines


ECV = [(PV x Pcs - C) Pas] - D

7AF:  Downtown District Solutions Arts Marketplace Solutions Antiques Design Downtown Entertainment District Historical Open Studios Sciences Art Deco Education Recreation Technology Theatre Warehouse Arts Gateway Arts Overlay Arts Superblock Cultural Historic Arts Museum Giftblox Design Performing Arts Photo Theater Arts District Downtown Solutions

Distinguished Capital Training Services for the following destination districts: Antiques & Design District; Arts & Antques District; Arts & Cultural District; Arts & Design District; Arts & Entertainment District; Arts & Historic District; Arts & Sciences District; Arts & Technology District; Arts & Warehouse District; Arts District; Arts Gateway District; Arts Superblock; Cultural District; Giftbox Design District; Museum & Theatre District.

WHO WE SERVE: A Select list of governments, corporations, foundations, institutions, universities, studios... more. Updated Weekly.




The Membership Association recognizes that many destination district transactions present unique financing requirements. Our operating foundation gains unique insights and opportunities through specializing in training destination district leaders from all walks of professional life. Each foundation Affiliate has deep industry knowledge, experience and relationships with the leading operators. Developers and investors, participating studio heads and project executives - all have tailored needs that can be met by our advisors to financial intermediary participants. In particular, our Financial Services Advisory Group is well-versed with major primary markets, but it takes pride in its vast experience in the secondary and tertiary markets where the majority of destination district properties are located.

We pledge the highest level of expertise, professionalism and responsiveness to every district transaction irregardless of transaction size or complexity. The Financial Services Advisory Group offers numerous ways to move in lender and acquisition circles. We proactively help train leaders to develop investment and loan themes, industry contacts, management relationships and proprietary development and re-development opportunities. This proactive and informed advisory approach helps enable our Members to take advantage of timely executions of transactions and enhances opportunities to add value to every destination district project.

Our Members' needs and circumstances are met with customized, hands-on training and advisory solutions to help leaders generate the right financing vehicle every time. Construction, acquisition, cash-out refinancing? Our financial advisors can effectively shape your intermediary capital requirement into appropriate funding - an interim construction loan, a permanent fixed rate mortgage, a floating rate acquisition program, a mezzanine debt and joint venture equity investment package. All our Members receive the same unique level of dedicated advisory service.

Questions | Call Us: 7AF new all points number: 903.831.9219| M-Th 11-4 CST; Sa. 11-12N CST.

Our financial advisory Intermediary Capital Provider clients include the following;

  • Investment banks
  • Corporations
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITS)
  • Leading Entrepreneurs
  • Mortgage Bankers
  • Global Financial Institutions
  • Life insurance companies
  • Local and national banking institutions
  • Private equity groups
  • Pension Funds
  • Studio Cooperatives

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