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Destination Districts, an important part of our entertainment economy.

In practical terms, nearly any downtown can make itself into a magnet strong enough to attract entertaining restaurants, engaging retail emporiums and informative destination sites. This mix of establishments drives job creation, first in the downtown, and, just as importantly, in neighboring light industrial zones.

Equally important, the correct destination district offers a bonus to developers and re-inventors of downtowns. The essential combination of entertaining, engaging and informative clusters put in the right order can also put a town or small city on the cultural tourism map.

What's the right mix and order?

This is where our team of experts comes in and helps you determine an optimal mix of businesses and attractions that fit your sense of place. We're facilitators and trainers. We can work with a variety of arts, entertainment and design professionals that fit your budgets, your timeframes, your ways of turning your downtown into a jobs magnet and cultural destination. And, we can help point you toward some helpful regional and national sources for capital and technical assistance.

We've been quietly helping developers, underwriters and visionaries reinvent one block, a square block, or an entire corridor of old downtowns since 1979. Our confidential facilitators are sensitive to how you see your community's quality of life and its sense of well-being. There are no formulas, no cookie-cutter, pre-determined outcomes. You can mix and match among 28 designs, customizing as you go to help your community attract businesses to both your downtown and to your light industrial zones. We guide, we ask questions, and we facilitate at every step through designing, re-constructing, building, launching, celebrating the grand opening and managing each phase.

Downtowns Deserve a Great Identity

What engages the imaginations and memories of cultural tourists is also what grabs the attention of leaders, franchisors and entrepreneurs looking for the next great location. New techne, new platforms, new ways of thinking about downtowns, the renewable emergence of media-hungry audiences for places that re-invent themselves... all point to the fact that destination districts engage people of all ages and backgrounds. We facilitate the change you can handle and afford so you can drive jobs and a variety of new ventures to your gateways.

The difficulty for some is getting past the tired notion that if only we could attract a few new restaurants and a few new boutiques and a general merchandise store, the downtown can come back to life. Today, that's clearly not enough... The tough questions are -- restaurants for whom? boutiques and shops for locals, tourists, employees who commute through town? which mix is optimal, and which is sustainable? which operators help us invent the next big thing that will keep the dowtown 'humming' with pedestrian traffic? And, you just know there a dozen more... We've asked the right questions for years - and we're ready to share what works with you, today.


Destination Districts: A New Applied Approach to Multi-Criteria Decision-Making for Developers 


 - for members only: includes Pair-Wise Comparison charts, MCDM-IPC Method Analyses, Optimal Decision-Making Models


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Destination Districts are not an end in themselves

Clearly, themed spaces are not just about attracting visitors and tourists. They are essential drivers that enable your community to consistently attract the right mix of eateries and retail shops and gateway attractions that serve both locals and guests. And, destination districts are also media-friendly beacons to industry and education leaders - people who need a special kind of magnet to draw mid-level and top-level professionals to move into 1) a new industrial, warehousing or distributing center on the outskirts of town, 2) a new education center near the downtown, and 3) a collection of amusement and other entertainment venues nearby.

All the studies show a direct correlation between communities with viable destination districts and a variety of upswings in employment and wages, attracting businesses and institutions, winning the battle for tourism dollars. Towns and cities with destination districts have also been shown to be an obvious factor in helping young people to want to stay and raise families in their home communities in comparison with communities without attractive districts.

We've been studying and reporting on these trends and outcomes for years. Our lead facilitators are firmly prepared to help you make wise choices, timely decisions, and take decisive action.

Behind the Scenes at the 7 Arts Foundation

We're crunching the numbers so you can make objective decisions based upon concrete facts, trends and a host of determinations that require sober reflection and decision-making. That's one laborious, hard job we accomplish every day for our confidential clients.

That dispassionate hat we wear is complemented by a capped passionate concern that we share with every client as we work hard to help your downtown become a platform for jobs, a magnet for leaders looking to re-locate their growing businesses and institutions, and a place which helps businesses - large and small - recognize what the most successful ventures on the planet have known for years: the criticality of entertainment and infotainment to their business success.

The numbers don't lie: For years, major consulting firms like Booz and Allen have been preaching the advantages of embracing an entertainment-based strategy for growth; major cities in every part of North America are investing in entertainment, infotainment and cultural products at unprecedented rates to compete for jobs, sustainable growth and the cache that comes with being a critically fun place to work, play, live and visit.


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