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Since 1979, Proven, Tailored Solutions That Answer, "What's Missing...?"


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A sampling of the proprietary collection of sixty-nine research papers, from the desk of Dr. Marshall Thomas, author:

  1. Actor, Employment Agreement... study of low-budget, non-union player deal: for research purposes only - reserved for Illuminated Arts members
  2. Actor's Employment Agreement... study of low-budget, loanout deal: for research purposes only - reserved for Illuminated Arts members
  3. Agreement to Dissolve  Joint Venture... study for research purposes only - reserved for Illuminated Arts, Theatre Arts members
  4. Alternative Personal Management Agreement... study for research purposes only - reserved for Arts Management members
  5. Artwork Release...  study for research purposes only - reserved for Fine Arts, Illuminated Arts & Applied Arts members
  6. Attorney-Client Fee Contract... study for research purposes only - reserved for Arts Management members
  7. Casting Director Agreement...  study for research purposes only - reserved for Arts Management & Illuminated Arts members
  8. Certificate of Authorship...  study for research purposes only - reserved for Literary Arts, Illuminated Arts, and Management Arts members
  9. Certificate of Origin...  study for research purposes only - reserved for Literary Arts, Illuminated Arts, and Management Arts members
  10. Composer Agreement... study for research purposes only - reserved for Music Arts members
  11. Confirmation of Assignment Agreement...study for research purposes only - reserved for Literary Arts, Illuminated Arts members

These are the most sought-after papers from the Teasury by Members. Copies are available to Members: Please consult the Member Guide for prices, terms, conditions of use. Additional titles include the following: Copyright Notice For Web Page Submissions; Crew Deal Memo; Deal Memo - Depiction Release (option purchase format); Definition of Gross Receipts after break-even; Depiction Release ((Grant with reversion format); Director's Loan-out Agreement (Feature film, DGA); Director's Television Series Employment Agreement; Distribution Agreement (Fimmaker friendly); Documentary, Depiction Release; Employment Agreement; Exta Agreement; Film CLip License; Finder Agreement; Head Writer Employment Agreement; Home Video Licensing Agreement; International Television Distribution Agreement; Joint Venture Agreement; Literary Work, Option & Purchase Agreement; Location Agreement; Make-up & Special Effects Agreement; Manager-Writer Non-Disclosure Agreement; Merchandising Agreement; Minor Release; NBA Standard Player -Agent Agreement; Net Profit Definition; Non-Disclosure Agreement; Non-Disclosure Agreement - RD & Manager; Non-Disclosure Agreement, Writer & Manager; Nudity Rider to Player Agreement (Principal Agreement);Option-Purchase Agreement; Producer Employment Agreement...

A complete list is available to Members by writing to Dr. Thomas's manager: colossalconcepts@live.com




The 7 Arts Foundation is the service provider that specializes in professional services

for small to-mid-scale downtown redevelopment and historic rehabilitation clients.

We have been dedicated exclusively to serving the redevelopment industry and

related businesses for 31 years, and our current confidential work is in the forefront

of helping communities with their branding, city-beautiful and regional tourism

business needs for today and tomorrow. We provide specialized designing and

planning, training and destination-intensive business consulting with project services

for new and operating village, town and small city districts.

On a continuing basis, we support dozens of diverse clients, working with many on

multiple, concurrent projects. Our broad capabilities and unique willingness to work

with local vendors, studios and contractors provide clients and partners with a

thoroughly reliable source of behind-the-scenes expertise. 


  • Strategic marketing and action tools for small towns, villages, hamlets that set your place apart so you can get the cultural tourism and business magnet results you've been seeking - Certified Program 1
  • Business or mission market position monitoring tailored to find out what your community needs - Certified Program 2
  • Data analysis (using our imitated-but-never-duplicated algorithms) that independently compares your claims with your outcomes and results to help you strengthen each case you make - Certified Program 3
  • Market productivity kits that move your organization or studio from what you need to affordable, workable action - Authorized Program 1
  • Strategic and tactical PR, publicity and promotional consulting that helps you see around corners before you commit time, talent, capital, energy - Authorized Program 2
  • Budgeting & grant-writing training, with an emphasis on marketing to strengthen your group by finding 'what's missing' - Certified Program 4
  • Confidential insights and advantages to help you position or re-position your studio or organization to thrive in the harshest economic climates - Authorized Program 3
  • Vital leadership succession programs and interim services for SMEs & family-owned companies, nonprofits, NGOs & studios - Certified Program 5
  • Professional marketing management program administered by Colossal Concepts Management - Authorized Program 4

Note: We do not accept or seek  any direct federal or state contracts, subsidy or underwriting assistance; we are supported by Members, Guest Clients and Friends in the Midwest, the South and along the Eastern Seaboard



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The 7 Arts Foundation: An association of members and guests Please note: Many previously available pages on this site are available only to the members.

We are what we believe when we give, and nothing more... Dr. Thos.

-1999 address, Texarkana Country Club

1979: Founder & Executive Director Emeritus: Dr. Marshall Thomas, organizational psychologist, artist and composer, manager to polymaths

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Your 7 Arts Foundation is recognized as a leading association of independent analysts and training specialists | Here's Why-  We help Members and Guests to affordably streamline your local, fundamental analysis, to master your regional, comprehensive analysis, to understand your market segments and complex missions, to generate improved development ideas, to leverage your relationships, and to simplify your workflows. 


Dr. Thomas is working with economists from different disciplines, in an open-ended interrogatory posed to the Raymond Loewy Foundation, to tackle the question of our age: "What is design worth?" Go to full article, now.

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To give away money is an easy matter and in any man's power, but to decide to whom to give it, and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man's power - nor an easy matter, hence it is that such excellence is rare, praiseworthy and noble.

-- Aristotle




Every page is proudly sponsored by a Publisher, Consultant, a Training Associate or an Instructional Affiliate devoted to the sustainable growth of your SME, NGO or nonprofit. ARTS ANSWERS, since 1980. Thank you for over 30 years of underwriting.


We have positioned our foundation to serve the special needs, capabilities, and resource gaps of our MidWest and MidSouth businesses, NGOs and nonprofits.

We have installed the business, NGO and nonprofit intelligence systems and have placed the analyses practices necessary to support sustainable growth for your emerging or established operations.

Our product and service array includes useful number and word algorithms and tailored proprietary formulations.

What's missing? Finding it is our speciality...

We observe, ask questions, and give straightforward answers. 

If needed, we can provide the high-end metrics, planning platforms and sustainable business magnet accelerators that interface with your long-term vision and mission plans.

We're helping villages,towns and small cities facilitate secure online monitoring, risk management and compliance assessments while addressing specific operating intelligence and analyses challenges associated with destination growth.