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Gallery Views & Helpful Voting Results

Below are some links to the latest submissions from Members. All views published on this special gallery page recognize important views of arts or cultural corridors, planning schematics for new, emerging and changing districts, acclaimable arts or other cultural expressions found in districts, and those transfixing before-and-after views of superblocks and neighborhoods transformed. The Membership Assn. thanks you.



Look for submissions by Ms. Marsha Walker next month. She has kindly agreed to supply data and information as a participant in our latest study of Midwest arts, cultural and entertainment corridors.


We welcome our newest contributor to our bevvy of urban revitalization partners, and especially greet Managing Director Marilyn Gibson and her new team of re-development experts.

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 ---- Albert Schweitzer


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Current Vote Leaders: All Destination Districts [cumulative] #1 - Birmingham, AL... #2 - Scottsdale, AZ... #3 - Berlely, CA... #4 - Houston, TX... #5 - Charleston, SC... #6 - Washington, DC... #7 - Portland, OR... #8 - Boston, MA... #9 - Charlotte, NC... #10 - Minneapolis, MN... #11 - New York... #12 - St. Louis, MO... #13 - Santa Fe, NM... #14 -

Current Vote Leaders: Arts District - #1 - The Downtown Arts District (DADA), Winston-Salem, NC...#2 - The Arts District, Worcester, MA...#3 -  NOHO Arts District, San Francisco, CA... In contention, by City/Town Alpha - Asbury Park Arts District, Asbury Park, NJ, River Arts District, Asheville, NC, Atlanta's Arts District, Atlanta, GA, South Austin Arts District, Austin, TX, Downtown Arts District, Baton Rouge, LA, SoWa Arts District, Boston, MA, The Village of the Arts District, Bradenton, FL, Cambridge Arts District, Cambridge, MD, Chicago Arts District, Chicago, IL, Covington Arts District, Covington, KY, Cumberland Arts District, Cumberland, MD, Dallas Arts District, Dallas, TX, Ft. Worth Arts District, Ft. Worth, TX, Hot Springs Art District, Hot Springs, AR, Prince George's County Arts District, Hyattsville, MD, The Power House Arts District, Jersey City, NJ, Los Angeles Downtown Arts District, Los Angeles, CA, NoHo Arts District, Los Angeles, CA, Madison Arts District, Madison, WI, Millville Arts District, Millville, NJ, Prince George's County Arts District, Mount Rainier, MD, Ottawa Arts District, Ottawa, Ontario, CN, Paseo Arts District, Oklahoma City, OK, Harrison Street Arts District, Oak Park, IL, Portland Maine's Arts District, Portland, ME, Providence Arts District, Providence, RI, Riverhead Arts District, Town of Riverhead, NY, Scottsdale Arts District, Scottsdale, AZ

Current Vote Leaders: Cultural District - #1 - Willimantic Cultural District, Willimantic, CT...#2 - Tampa's Cultural District, Tampa, FL... #3 - Temecula Cultural District, Temecula, CA... In contention, by City/TownAlpha - Albuquerque Cultural District, Albuquerque, NM, Annapolis Cultural District, Annapolis, MD, Augusta Cultural District, Augusta, GA, Baltimore Cultural District, Baltimore, MD, Bellingham Cultural District, Bellingham, WA, Birmingham Cultural District, Birmingham, AL, Riverwalk District, Bradenton, FL, Buffalo Cultural District, Buffalo, NY, Cambridge Cultural District, Cambridge, MA, Camden Cultural District, Camden, NJ, Charlotte Cultural District, Charlotte, NC, Bluff View Art District, Chattanooga, TN, River West District, Chicago, IL, Cleveland Cultural District, Cleveland, OH, Columbia Cultural District, Columbia, MO, Columbus Cultural District, Columbus, OH, Decorah Cultural District, Decorah, IA, Deland Cultural District, Deland, FL, Denison Cultural District, Denison, TX, Denton Arts District, Denton, MD, Denver Cultural District, Denver, CO, Des Moines Cultural District, Des Moines, IA, Detroit Cultural District, Detroit, MI, Eureka Springs Cultural District, Eureka Springs, AR, Evansville Cultural District, Evansville, IN, Flint Cultural District, Flint, MI, Fort Lauderdale Cultural District, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Cultural Arts District on Bowie, Ft. Worth, TX, Gainesville Cultural District, Gainesville, FL, Post Office Arts District, Galveston, TX, Houma Cultural District, Houma, LA, Houston Cultural District, Houston, TX, Indianapolis Cultural District, Indianapolis, IN, Brush Creek Cultural District, Kansas City, MO, Kansas City Cultural District, Kansas City, MO, Kettering Cultural District, Kettering, OH, Lafayette Cultural District, Lafayette, CO, Lafayette Cultural District, Lafayette, LA, Long Beach Cultural District, Long Beach, CA, Louisville Cultural District, Louisville, KY, Lynn Cultural District, Lynn, MA,  Manchester Cultural District, Manchester, NH, Marion Cultural District, Marion, IL, Miami Cultural District/Art Deco District, Miami, FL, Milwaukee Cultural District, Milwaukee, WI, Minneapolis Cultural District, Minneapolis, MN, Mt. Vernon Cultural District, Mount Vernon, New Brunswick Cultural District, New Brunswick, NJ, New Haven Cultural District, New Haven, CT, New Orleans Cultural District, New Orleans, LA, New York Cultural District, New York, NY, Newark Cultural District, Newark, NJ, Oakland Cultural District, Oakland, CA, Philadelphia Cultural District, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh Cultural District, Pittsburgh, PA, Portland Cultural District, Portland, OR, Quincy Cultural District, Quincy, IL, Raleigh Cultural District, Raleigh, NC, Racine Cultural District, Racine, WI, Rochester Cultural District, Rochester, NY, Rockford Cultural District, Rockford, IL, San Diego Cultural District, San Diego, CA, San Jose Cultural District, San Jose, CA, Santa Barbara Cultural District, Santa Barbara, CA, Santa Fe Cultural District, Santa Fe, NM, Sarasota Cultural District, Sarasota, FL, Savannah Cultural District, Savannah, GA, Seattle Cultural District, Seattle, WA, Sedalia Cultural District, Sedalia, MO, Paramount Arts District, St. Cloud, MN, St. Louis Cultural District, St. Louis, MO, St. Paul Cultural District, St. Paul, MN, Cultural District at Penn State, State College, PA,  Trenton Cultural District, Trenton, NJ...Troy Cultural District, Troy, NY...Tucson Arts District, Tucson, AZ

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Entertainment District - #1 - Rock Island Arts & Entertainment District, Rock Island, IL...#2 - Hartford Arts & Entertainment District, Hartford, CT...#3 - Berlin Arts & Entertainment District, Berlin, MD...In contention, by City/TownAlpha - 6th Street Entertainment District, Austin, TX, Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District, Bethesda, MD

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Cultural District - #1 - SOHO District, New York, NY... #2 - Art on the Corner, Grand Junction, CO...#3 - Montgomery County Arts & Culture District, Dayton, OH...

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Antiques District - #1 - Red Bank Arts & Antiques District, Red Bank, NJ... #2 - Manhattan's Arts & Antiques District, New York, NY...

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Design District - #1 - Carmel Arts & Design District, Carmel, IN...

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Sciences District - #1 - Scientific & Cultural Facilities District, Denver CO...

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Technology District - No nominees, as yet...

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Warehouse District - #1 - Arts & Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Gateway District - #1 - Prince George's County Gateway Arts District, Brentwood, MD...#2 - Prince George's County Gateway Arts District, North Brentwood, MD...

Current Vote Leaders: Performing Arts District - #1 - Nolto Performing Arts District, Los Angeles, CA

Current Vote Leaders: Historic Arts District - #1 - South Main Historic Arts District, Memphis, TN...

Current Vote Leaders: Arts & Theatre District - #1 - Rideau Arts & Theatre District, Ottawa, Ontario, CN...

Current Vote Leaders: Museum & Theatre District - #1 - Broadway Theater District, New York, NY...#2 - Museum & Theater District, Houston, TX...

ECV = [(PV x Pcs - C) Pas] - D


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400 block, N. Prairie Street, Galesburg, IL

Ottawa, CN

Ottawa, CN

Metro Mural, Ottawa, CN Photo Credit - Ruth Anderson

Photo credit,

Metro Mural, Ottawa, CN Photo Credit - Ruth Anderson

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Ottawa, CN

Venice, Italy

Photo creidt,

Ottawa, CN

Venice, Italy