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Artist & Designer-Led Destination Districts Need These Products & Services to Grow & to Be Defensible

Since 1979, the trusted advisory and consulting team leading the way in artist and designer-led destination districts. We offer the best guarantee in the destination development field for all our products and services.

Product & Service Offerings This Season

Resources |  the strength of the 7 Arts Foundation

Treasury | the way to order custom and one-off products for a distinctive district

Financial Training | the Oxford method or brief on-site sessions

District Capital | the equity, gifts and debt capital access advisory service to Members

District Forms | access to essential planning, development, management and auditing forms

District Checklists | the keys to accomplishment and auditing for critical and business success

2008 Roundtables | the remote or on-site sessions designed to build-up all levels of participants

2008 Workshops | the remote or on-site sessions tailored to develop skills: plan, develop, manage or audit

District Rehabs | A hands-on advisory service for small and mid-sized projects, including superblocks 

Marketing Districts | A tailored program working with your unique area demographics/psychographics