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Gratefully, Entering Our 40th Season of Sponsored Service

Proudly Sponsoring the 7 Arts Foundation for over 30 years:

  • Bon-Ton Stores
  • The Bon-Ton Foundation
  • The Appel Family

Proudly Sponsoring the 7 Arts Foundation for over 25 years:

  • Music Business Record, MBR Press
  • Music Finance Institute
  • Music Merchants Clearinghouse
  • Rothschild Recording Society
  • Signature Recording Industries
  • Apollo Arts
  • Arts Answers

    ARTS ANSWERS, since 1980: This education site brought to you by this Z Publishing division, the only publisher dedicated to covering arts-design-cultural clusters, superblocks, corridors in all varieties of districts. The premier publisher offering exclusive monographs on Aesthetic Determinism studies; members - read more about us on this website and find out how to take 20-30% off any publication order...

Proudly Sponsoring the 7 Arts Foundation for over 20 years:

  • B-Dazzled Dance
  • Thos. Illustration Studios
  • United Arts Council of York
  • The Junior Arts Centre

Proudly Sponsoring the 7 Arts Foundation for over 15 years:

  • Arts Districts International
  • S.O.S. 
  • Z Publishing

Proudly Sponsoring the 7 Arts Foundation for 10 years:

  • GM Solutions (GMS)
  • Modern Masterworks Gallery
  • Rivergate Properties, L.L.C.
  • Twin Cities Arts District Association

Proud new Sponsors include:

  • Abernathy Company | ABCO
  • CCDC | iMAGIC WORKS  |  McFadden Fund
  • White Cat Productions

FRIENDS, JOIN US, TODAY, SUPPORTING THE WORK OF THE FOUNDATION  "After all, we are what we believe when we give, and nothing more." Dr. Marshall Thomas '00 Address


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Nedd more information? Call 903.831.9219 or 309.343.7574 (phone/fax lines)

For additional information, please contact Director Emeritus, Dr. Marshall Thomas III @ drthomas@7artsfoundation.org . Thanks.


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